Trigger improvements w/o stones

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Trigger improvements w/o stones

Post by Phyrbird » Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:46 pm

Once again we offer a tip. ;) For those without or hesitant to use fine india stones on action parts.
If you are unhappy with your current trigger feel, creep, or pull weight. Try this simple trick. Remove the trigger assembly, clean it thoroughly, be sure to sparingly lube the whole assembly with a good gun oil. (I Really like Browning gun oil, it's a shame it's now out of production due to EPA restrictions) Next spray coat the trigger and hammer sear areas with Dupont (dry) Teflon spray lube. Work the trigger and hammer about 20- 50 times to wear in the coating. It fills the pores and crevices where the sear and trigger meet to smooth out the engagement. If you have time do it again. re-assemble the trigger group to the receiver. The more you work this, the smoother it gets. Keep in mind at first the parts coated may seem a little spongy, but with action they smooth out amazingly. :D
This will smooth out your trigger creep. It usually reduces the pull weight. It will not reduce the amount of creep. For those not experienced with trigger jobs a little extra creep can be a good thing. :geek:
For those not wanting to remove the trigger group, a quick squirt with the little red tube included with the can might work. ;) Pull the bolt back all the way, squirt a small blast of this Teflon toward the trigger behind the magazine & frame. Work the action.
Warning: do not get any of this product in the chamber!!! It can and will greatly increase case head thrust on the bolt. Not a good result. :o
If your trigger is already spongy after cleaning, the sear surfaces could be worn. Lube is not the answer here. A trained gunsmith might be able to salvage the action with the right stones. I don't recommend untrained smithing with failing trigger components. It's dangerous.

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