Left handed model 8?

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Left handed model 8?

Post by model8man »

Any of you guys ever heard of a left handed 8?

Ran into a guy the other day that swore his father in law had one. Guy's name was "Lefty".

I never heard of such a thing, but wasn't sure enough to challenge him.


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Re: Left handed model 8?

Post by Hardrada55 »

I've never heard of a left handed Model 8. But since Remington Autoloading rifles pretty much eject spent casings straight up (I once had one that dropped empties right on my head), I would think they were considered pretty much an ambidextrous gun. (not sure that makes sense, come to think about it they do drop the empties on my right side...) I bet that what was modified on that Model 8 for a left handed person was the wood. The stock may have had a cheek piece on the right side of the stock so a "lefty" would be more comfortable shooting it.
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Re: Left handed model 8?

Post by jack1653 »

There was one on one of the auctions a while back that had a left handed Monte Carlo stock. It just didn't look right on these old rifles. The seller indicated that they had made the changes because he was left handed and the Monte Carlo felt good. The wood on it was sure pretty!


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Re: Left handed model 8?

Post by 81police »

Remington did not make a "left handed" Model 8 or 81 to my knowledge. Just as easy for someone to have a stock made for a left handed shooter though. Look in the picture gallery under "not so greats" and you'll see one gunsmith's handiwork at creating an ambidextrous safety!
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Re: Left handed model 8?

Post by JohnBrowning »

Bob Creamer has a left handed model 81. What made them left handed apparently was an adapted left handed safety not bolt though. That's the only one I've ever heard of and it looks factory made.

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