Model 81 "woodmaster" Firing pin??

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Model 81 "woodmaster" Firing pin??

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I tried firing my recently purchsed 81 and the fist 2 of 3 rounds didn't fire. I put in three and released the bolt and CLICK!! worked the bolt again..CLICK.. now with only 1 round in BANG!
Now it was very cold( I'm In Canada,} and my fingers were getting numb.
When I got home I cocked the rifle and pulled the bolt back a little and the firing pin was sticking out. Is this normal?? It didn't go off in battery when I first tied it,just Click.

Any clues to whats happening here ??
It was cleaned , oiled(breakfree) and appears to function OK.
Any help appreciated, Jim :shock:

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Re: Model 81 "woodmaster" Firing pin??

Post by superc »

Is there a down side to replacing the firing pin (Brownells) and trying out the new one to see if the malfunction has gone away?

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