The Great Model 81 ‘Woodsmaster’

January 31st, 2009 by admin

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After about 69,000 or so Model 8’s were produced, Remington felt the old workhorse needed a facelift and in 1936 introduced the Model 81…basically the same gun with a few minor cosmetic differences such as a heavier pistol-grip stock and more robust fore-end. As well, the gun was initially offered in a different range of calibers: .30, .32, (dropped after World War II) and .35 Remington.

In 1940, .300 Savage was added to the lineup to make the 81 more competitive and give it “close to .30-06” performance. Named the Woodsmaster (a moniker that would also be given to Remington’s follow-on Model 740 and 740A autoloaders), like the Model 8 the 81 came in different grades: the 81A Standard with a plain stock and fore-end; 81B Special with checkered select wood; 81D Peerless sporting a bit of scroll engraving and fancier checkering; 81E Expert with more engraving yet and better checkering; and the top-of-the-line 81F Premier.

Although they are a little different than the Model 8 on the outside they are very similar on the inside with many interchangable parts. I have had a ton of 81’s and I have enjoyed them almost as much as my Model 8’s. I hope you have enjoyed this brief introduction to the Model 81.

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Remington model 81
The “Woodsmaster”
Autoloading Rifle
Manufactured: 1936 to 1950

Approximately: 55,581?

Inventor: John Browning,C.C. Loomis

Serial no range:
starting: 0001
Ending 55581 ?


.300 Savage, .30 Remington, .32 Remington, .35 Remington

81A Standard
81C Special (changed to 81B)
81D Peerless
81E Expert
81F Premier