Model 8 & 81 DOWNLOADS

January 18th, 2012 by admin

  Here you will find a plethora of Model 8 & 81 information that you can download by clicking on the highlighted links below.  You may also right click the highlighted portions and hit "save as". This page will be updated when new information is available!  


      Model 8 Model 81 Model 8/81 Field Service Manual  Model 8/81 Gunsmith Supplement Model 8/81 Disassembly Guide        


      1909 Remington Catalog (selected pages) - courtesy of Gerald King      


      John Browning's original long recoil patents John Browning's patent for a type of Model 8 front sight (1901) John Browning's patent for the Model 8 operating handle (1905) Patent for converting the Model 8 action to a type of delayed blowback with stationary barrel (1909) Patent for mounting a small caliber barrel underneath the existing barrel (1910) Theodore Layman's patent for an improved trigger plate with detachable box magazine (1912) Patent for using a top tang thumb safety (1912) C.C. Loomis's patent for the Model 8/81 magazine with dual side springs (1931) Newton S. Hillyard's 15 round extended magazine patent (1934) C.C. Loomis's 2 piece firing pin for the Model 81 (1943)  

Model 8 & 81 Parts List

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